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Dec 26, 2018
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LearnDash - the most popular LMS (learning management system) plugin for WordPress: multi-level courses; Sell ​​courses; Certificates and points; Advanced survey Expire Access Job management; Dynamic forums Lesson timers; Flexible prerequisites; User profiles;

Demo: https://demo.learndash.com/

LearnDash comes with more than a few levels that make it easy to create courses, topics, quizzes, and categories. It has progressive playback functionality, so you can program the course content for the duration of the entire course.

You can designate users and then approve or comment on them. It also comes with a quiz and testing manager tools with a few questions. You can easily identify the prerequisites so that each student can move on to the next class.

There are several payment gateways available for accepting payments with PayPal, badges, 2Checkout, etc. It also fits nicely with bbPress.

2Checkout for LearnDash v1.0.4 
LearnDash & bbPress Integration v2.1.0 
LearnDash Course Access Manager v1.0 
LearnDash ConvertKit v1.1.0 
LearnDash Course Grid v1.5.5 
LearnDash EDD Integration Plugin v1.1.1 
LearnDash LMS - Event Espresso v1.0.2 
LearnDash LMS - iThemes Exchange v1.1 
LearnDash GrassBlade - xAPI Companion v0.1.0 
LearnDash Gradebook v1.5.0 
LearnDash GravityForms Addon v2.0.1 
LearnDash JigoShop Integration v1.1 
LearnDash MemberPress v2.0 
LearnDash MailChimp v1.0.4 
LearnDash Notes v1.3.7.2 
LearnDash LMS - Notifications v1.3.0 
LearnDash Paid Memberships Pro v1.1.1 
LearnDash Private Sessions v1.0.5.2
LearnDash ProPanel v2.1.3 
LearnDash Slack v1.2.4 
LearnDash LMS - Samcart Integration v1.0 
LearnDash LMS - Stripe Integration v1.2.2 
LearnDash Visual Customizer v2.1.3 
LearnDash LMS - Restrict Content Pro v1.0 
LearnDash WooCommerce Integration v1.5.0 
LearnDash Zapier v1 .1.0 
WPPluginsForYou - Excel to LearnDash v4.0 
Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit v3.0.2 
Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit Pro v3.2.5 
Uncanny Continuing Education Credits v3.0.2 
Uncanny LearnDash Groups v3.0.3 
Tin Canny LearnDash Reporting v3.2.1 
Design Upgrade Pro for LearnDash2. one

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